Louie Velez

On behalf of the Velez family, I would like to express our appreciation to 4×8 Construction for their dedication to the patio cover project. Your enthusiasm and commitment to quality woodwork was well demonstrated in the outcome of a very professional looking design, one that my immediate neighbour envied. Your company up-front planning and the efforts of your men were an important part of the project’s success and meeting its deadline in a timely and professional manner.My family looks forward to working with you on our future home improvements. This will allow us to continue enhancements to our little old San Diego house.

Sincerely, a Happy Customer,
Louie Velez

Anka Babic

Hi Vince,

As per our phone conversation, please use me as a reference for any future jobs. Of all the contractors and subs that have worked on my home, you were by far the most outstanding. You are honest and responsible. Your insight on reading the blueprints helped me save money. I only wish I knew you before I had the architect draw out the plans for this 2500 sq foot addition. We could have done without the hardy walls that cost 100 times more than what you could have built it for.

Again, please use me as a happy customer for any future jobs.


Chris and Maria Hoffman

To whom it may concern:

My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Vince and his team at 4×8 Construction, and cannot speak highly enough about his skill, attention to detail and constant effort to make our project better.

When we decided to build a guest house on our property, we interviewed numerous builders, big and small. This was an important project to us, and due to the intense restrictions of our community, it was critical that the guest house match the appearance and finishing of our home. After meeting Vince and speaking with some of his other clients, we decided to give the project to him.

Things could not have gone better. On top of finishing on time and within budget, Vince was a constant guide throughout the project. When he saw something that he thought could be done better than was called for in the plans, he told us. When we agreed with him, which we invariably did, he just fixed it without fussing over the cost or time of the added work. He is a perfectionist, and just wanted it to be right.

The end result was fantastic. I am convinced that nobody would have done a better job, and I know that I would trust Vince with any future project.

Chris and Maria Hoffman